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Small hands can change the world. 

Serving Cincinnati families in-need through free early childhood education and family support services. 

Our Vision

Focusing on the whole family, The Love Grows Program creates a solid foundation for childhood development through early intervention, high-quality preschool, and wraparound programming to empower Cincinnati-based families to end the cycle of generational poverty.

Our Mission

The Love Grows Program partners with students and their families to build a strong foundation for lifelong success.

Behind the Name

For over 20 years, we ​have sung the song "Love Grows." The bridge goes something like,


"Love grows 1 by 1, 2 by 2, and 4 by 4 Love grows, round like a circle and comes back knocking at your front door."


If the past year has taught us anything, it is that the world needs more love. We know that our ability to provide love is through our school and we want to share that experience with everyone.​

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