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Small hands can change the world. 

Serving Cincinnati families in-need through free early childhood education and family support services. 

The Growing Room, Inc

The Growing Room, Inc. was designed in 1998 to be a caring alternative to traditional, institutional early childhood programs. Our innovative approach integrates learning in all areas of the young child’s development- intellectual, social, physical and emotional. Your child’s interests and capabilities will be nurtured through creative activities using materials and resources unique to our program. Our multi-age classrooms and exceptional ratios allow for a more individualized approach to academics. The Growing Room supports the child’s growing independence and self-confidence by providing opportunities for decision-making and leadership. These skills are vital in creating our positive Growing Room, learning community. Our degreed teachers show sincere commitment to and respect for children. Above all, we are devoted to and enthusiastic about our work with children, and it shows!

Our classrooms are warm and inviting! We have attended to every detail in creating a fascinating place for children to explore and learn through play. The cheerful, home-like settings (with bright paint colors and decor, soft lighting, mirrors, and plants) are appealing and comforting to children. Teaching materials are all natural and authentic- real musical instruments, professional art supplies, wooden toys, intriguing books- engaging the child in a rich learning experience. Art and music are major forms of creative expression at The Growing Room. Much attention is given to building social skills and self-esteem, areas critical to the child’s development. The Growing Room is dedicated to providing the finest child enrichment centers in the Cincinnati area. We invite you to come and see our programs, we hope both you and your child will be excited about them!

Please visit our website at for more information about The Growing Room Preschool Programs.

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